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The RhinoEntityManager is a singleton class RhinoXNA uses to store all items that need to be rendered that aren't HUD elements. For HUD elements, see RhinoHUDManager.


Namespace: RhinoXNA.RhinoGameObjects
Public Properties
  • Instance (RhinoEntityManager) - Returns the global instance of the RhinoEntityManager
  • Entities (List<IRhinoGraphicsComponent>) - Returns the list of stored entities
Public Methods
  • AddEntity(IRhinoGraphicsComponent) - Adds a new entity to the manager
  • AddEntities(List<IRhinoGraphicsComponent>) - Adds a list of new entities to the manager
  • Clear() - Removes all entities from the manager
  • RemoveEntity(String) - Removes all entities with the given name (handle). Typically all entities are given unique names.


Call RhinoEntityManager using: RhinoEntityManager.Instance


ILevel automatically processes and renders all entities in this list during Update() and Render().

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